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Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is an unconventional way to build muscle, torch bodyfat and strengthen your core. It involves performing full body movements, many of which are ballistic in their nature. It combines the skills of powerlifting and olympic weightlifting. Originally used centuries ago in eastern Europe for physical combat training, the kettlebell continues to be a painfully fun way of exercising today. Kettlebell training can be done as an entire workout or incorporated into various fitness routines.

I started using this ancient workout tool a few years ago after its methods were resurrected. The benefits were obvious immediately. Like most other people, I don’t care to spend endless hours a day working out. The conventional approach to buiding a muscular, lean physique is to hit the weights and follow it up with a cardio session. That approach has worked for a long time and will continue to work for a long time. But, how great would it be, if you could combine your weights and cardio into one, gut busting workout. Well then, welcome to kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training is not for the novice. Progressions must be done conservatively and under strict supervision.


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