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Partner / Group Training

TRX_TTC_ChestPress_004Partner or group training can be a more fun and economical way to work with a fitness professional. Research has shown that we are often more accountable to our workout partner(s) than to ourselves. In other words, ditching your training appointment is a lot harder to do when others are counting on you.

A partner session is just that, you team up with one other participant. A group session consists of 3-5 participants. Being at a similar fitness level is not nearly as important as bringing a positive attitude and supporting one another. You can recruit your own small group or I can help assemble one.

Unlike most other personal training programs, I do not charge an additional fee for multiple participants. At a rate of $80 per session (1hr), a group of five only pays $16 per person.

Short on time? I also provide 30 minute sessions. A 30 minute session with a group of five will cost $9 per participant.